2023 Japan-Poland International Workshop on Technologies supporting rehabilitation and medical services

Scientific Meeting of the Polish Chapter IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (PC-IEEE-RAS)

The workshop is planned on December 4-5 in Łódź, and December 6 in Poznań.

The workshop aims to facilitate communication and collaboration between scientists, students, and businesses from Japan and Poland in the areas of medical and rehabilitation robotic technologies. This year's focus will be on post-stroke medical services and technologies.

Participants should submit an abstract of the presentation, written in English (1-2 pages), according to included template. The abstracts should be sent to conf2021@roboterapia.eu

Conference Schedule:

We encourage everyone interested in medical and rehabilitation robotics to participate in the workshop.

In the case of listeners who do not deliver presentations, the willingness to participate should be sent to the e-mail address of the event: conf2021@roboterapia.eu providing your name and e-mail address.

Call for papers

It’s a pleasure to invite you to submit your research for this year's Japan-Poland International Workshop. Participants should submit an abstract of their presentation, written in English (1-2 pages), by the end of October 2023.

Abstract format

Please use the following template for your abstract

Paper template

Important dates:


December 4: Centrum Kliniczno-Dydaktyczne

Address: Pomorska 251, 90-001 Łódź

December 5: Centrum Projektowania Uniwersalnego

Address: ul. Prof. Bohdana Stefanowskiego 18, 90-537 Łódź

December 6: Centrum Kongresowo-Dydaktyczne UMP

Address: ul. Przybyszewskiego 37a, 60-356 Poznań


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